Client Reviews

“Every time I leave a session I feel completely and utterly rejuvenated.  Anytime I feel I need healing in my life, I call Met.  And anytime things are going really great, I call Met to assist me with clearing even more, feeling even better than I thought I could, and taking that time to connect more deeply with myself.  She is so personable and easy to talk to, but also respectful of your personal boundaries.  I have been having sessions done with her for almost a year now and my experiences have all been outstanding.  I would suggest Iridescence Healing to anyone interested in trying reiki for the first time. I would also suggest Iridescence Healing to anyone who regularly practices reiki, so you can experience Met’s beautiful way of treating people.  Met is truly a shining star and I am so glad to have her help me in my journey”.  Brittany V.

“I have been seeing Met for 2 to 3 years now and have found an hour session to be very beneficial in helping me get in touch with my inner voice.  She has an uncanny talent for detecting what’s going on, where Chakras are blocked and offers subtle recommendations for dealing with whatever is going on in life.  Her approach is soft but very sincere.  Her methods are soothing and non-threatening.  There are no guarantees that the sessions will meet your expectations.  You should go into each session with an open mind, heart and spirit and let what happens, happens.  Remember, the answers and help that you are looking for lay within you, Met is your medium to help you open yourself to reveal those answers.  She is very caring and dedicated to her gift.  I highly recommend her to my friends and family”.  Charlie H.

“I made a visit to Iridescence Healing after feeling off, specifically unmotivated and disconnected. I knew that Met was special as soon as I talked to her. She has a vibe that is so pleasant to be around. My session was so relaxing and peaceful and afterwards, I felt so reconnected and my energy was pulsating. She gave me some advice on “aftercare” chakra work when my session was over. The feeling lasted a long time and I have since been able to reconnect to this side of myself. I have recommended her to several of my friends who are familiar with Reiki and some who are not. I would highly recommend her. I cannot wait to go back”.  Alana M.

“Having only been to two previous reiki sessions from other practitioners, I decided to search for one that fit what I was looking for. I was drawn to Iridescence Healing and Reiki Master Met Salih.   From the moment I was greeted by her, I felt a warm welcome and a feeling like I was supposed to find this place. Met takes every step to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. Even offering me a bottle of water before I even sat down!  Her reiki space felt absolutely clear of negative energy and had a very inviting and soothing feel to it. The music playing was relaxing and the faint smell of sage clued me in that she takes everything into consideration before a session. Clearing the space first is an absolute key.  The session itself was about an hour long and it was very powerful for both of us. Met, however, knew exactly what to do when it came to balancing my chakra points. In fact, at one point, she nearly had me break down into tears because my heart chakra needed a lot of work due to some emotional hurt I had experienced. She knew it and she helped me through it. That alone opened my eyes that Met truly knows her stuff when it comes to reiki.  It was my first session with her and I’m already planning my next session in the next couple of weeks. Whether you are feeling down, feeling enlightened and happy, or simply need a recharge, go see Met. She is truly one of a kind and she is now my go-to crystal healer and reiki master!:)”. Jason K.

“Met is professional, charming, caring and very dedicated.  I’ve been to other reiki healers without as much success as I have had with met.   She is a natural and anyone that needs any healing should book a session with met asap!”. Libby H.

“It was my first Reiki experience…Met exhales warmth and kindness. Through her stillness I found my ground. She supported me through the self love discovery and accepted me while I exposed my vulnerabilities.  I am so grateful and appreciative”. Love Irina V.

“I had such a relaxing session and really felt grounded and more peaceful following the session! I’ve done some of the suggestions to fully balance my chakras (glad to know they were all pretty much balanced) but I definitely plan on going back when I’m feeling stressed or “just off”. If you haven’t had a reiki reading I highly recommend going here!  She is SO super sweet and even text me some products that I could find that may help me (didn’t try to push or sell anything, it was information I asked for)! Since my reading I have been trying to meditate more and just be more present and aware…definitely an useful tool for those of us who have stressful jobs or just feel out of whack!!” Jill B.